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Unspoken Advantages of the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal is not yet another environmental policy.

The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution that lays out a grand plan for tackling climate change. Two Democrats in the congress initially brought in the plan. Now it has the backing of the whole party. The main objective of the plan is to de-carbonize the US economy within 10 years. This is also the only pro-environmental deal that is in-line with the consensus put out by the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

While the deal addresses one of the most pressing issues of the current world, it also focuses on a lot more than that. Talking to The Patriotic Act, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the congresswomen who is spearheading the deal, defined the Green New Deal as,

“Jobs and justice-centered plan to decarbonize the US economy within 10 years”

The plans focus mainly divides into 3 separate arms that address different issues among the US communities.

  1. The 10-year timeline of decarburization.
  2. Making sure that any climate legislation creates jobs in the process.
  3. Focusing disproportionately impacted communities leading to a more fair and just America.

The focus of this article is to bring attention to the unspoken advantages of the Green New deal.

The Green New Deal advocates equality for all communities.

The proposed plan would contain massive fast track changes in the energy sector. plus, many other integral components of the US daily life. Throughout history, we have seen that the highest negative impacts on such transitions are almost always focused on the marginalized communities.

The proposed plan pays specific attention to addressing this issue on different fronts. It talks about minimizing the impact of the changes as well as creating more opportunities through it. With increasing discriminations on the minor communities. The Green New deal is adamant that it holds the key for a more just America.

coal workers
Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos on Unsplash

The Green New Deal Brings Better jobs with higher pay.

The new series of legislation proposed to come out to enact the initiative will act as a catalyst to create more job opportunities. The spearheads of the project believe that the best ways to generate higher-paying jobs and better health care are through the collaboration of unions and labor movements.

The key focus on the plan is to revitalize the labor movement that is also committed to saving our planet. This is evident even in the smaller sub legislation such as the Green New Deal on public housing. It has the support of laborers and construction workers. They try to incorporate the relevant technical and labor communities when bringing up any piece of legislation. It’s all about bringing in all the stakeholders, from union leaders to native environmentalists to a centralized discussion.

On the flip side, what is even more controversial about this is the fact that people who generally support the processes of making law do not have a place in this initiative. People such as fossil fuel lobbyists and other business tycoons. They will not carry a say in the creation of these new policies. This has made them very comfortable and defensive. Due to this and many other reasons, the Green New Deal is under heavy fire from all sorts of people in power.

Despite all the criticism, the democrats have managed to pass a few smaller laws already. Congresswomen Cortez claims that they passed those laws the same way many harmful laws were passed in history. By incorporating small pieces of legislation within a much bigger piece of legislation. She further goes on to say,

“Yes we are strategically making your drinking water cleaner”

The deal will not ignore fossil fuel workers.

It seems that this initiative supports the workers in the fossil fuel industry, more than the people who call themselves as representatives of them. When Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky refuses even to talk to the coal mine workers on their busted pension scheme. The new initiative proposes aggressive plans for a better solution. Plans such as massive bailouts by the government. It will secure the funds of those coal mine workers.

The movement demands new sustainable modes of energy generation. These new opportunities will range from wind turbines to solar panel installation and maintenance, demand millions of jobs. Which will be open to the people who might lose their occupation due to this. The Green new deal is committed to seeing the smooth transmission of labor. Apart from just re-training them on new fields of power generation,

Further, it will make sure that the new working environments are much suitable for the workers compared to the existing work conditions.

The new energy industry will not be a monopoly.

The main reason why the people have minimum to no authority over any decision taken by the energy co-operations is because of the monopoly it has over each industry. Political favors have led the energy co-operations to function without competitors. Due to this, Any large-scale change that affects the livelihood of the public is passed without any debate. This includes the working conditions of the workers and the environmental impacts such actions bring forth.

As per the new plan, the energy industry will get revolutionized in less than a decade. It is a new opportunity for all to have a fresh start. An opportunity to make sure that the new industry will not have unprecedented authority over people. Having said that, the representatives who drive the project must make sure that eventually, oil barons will not turn into solar barons.

If and when this new initiative starts to gain its momentum. Current energy tycoons will be the first to have a dip on the upcoming opportunities. It is of paramount importance to make sure that enough competition is created. Among those companies so that the power over people is decentralized.

The approach of the green new deal for this issue is to empower the labor unions and representatives of frontline communities. Through this, they try to refocus the authoritative power back to the people where it should be in a democratic country like America.

The process is not as easy as it looks.

Right now, the USA is home to a president who thinks that global warming is a hoax put up by China. In 2015, Senator James Inhofe brought in a snowball to one of his speeches. Just to prove that there is no real global warming happening. Millions of people who live in America, still don’t believe that our planet is getting wasted day by day. In reality, the last 5 years were the hottest years the earth has ever seen in recorded history.

It is difficult to try and revolutionize the way of life of an American in a decade. If a large part of the community does not believe in its importance. In reality, leaders in both the senate and congress who talk against radical changes receive funding by larger organizations, which profit by the status quo.

In such a background, there is a high chance that none of these initiatives will ever see light. However, major scientific organizations believe that we might be in the last decade, where we have a chance of correcting what went wrong.

As the country with the second-highest greenhouse gas emission in the world. And as a nation who believes in humanity above all. It is our moral obligation to support any positive changes. Changes that will help us save the planet we live in. The Green New deal might not solve all its problems but it surely will get rid of many pressing concerns.

You can read more about The Green New Deal from here.

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