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Being Ambitious is Not Universal.

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Okay, this could be the most unpopular story I ever write. I’m sure most of you will not agree with me, and some of you will even hate the idea. But I decided to write it anyway because this is a topic that people seldom talk about. Certainly, it is not an idea that is entertained in the current context. Nevertheless, some people would get benefited out of it.

This has to do something with the most uttered phrase of any life coach, “be ambitious”. Most of us are in-fact very ambitious. We may have our personal bests yet, we try to do our best. The word gets refined day by day in a way that validates this behavior. The more ambitious we are, the better doors will open for us, and the happier we get. That is simply the mantra we all chant. We have come to a level where most of us see it as the only option available. But it is not entirely true.

Before all this happened. Before technology took over and demanded more from humans, and our lives became extremely fast phased, there were times where happiness was not a byproduct of ambition. People reached a certain level in their life and decided that that is enough for them and continued to be happy without any concerns. They all had the same difficulties as us, and they all went through the same system. Yet they were capable of enjoying what they got as it is.

But with us seeing how incredibly awesome everyone else’s lives are through social media, we are now in a rat race that never ends. Now, being ambitious is by no means a bad thing. Most people need a change in life in a better direction to stay satisfied. Staying hungry for more is the way to get that. However, if you are not that kind, and if you feel like what you got is good enough, and you are happy with it, never feel guilty about it.

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All we need is to stay satisfied. We do all this to be that. If you can get that satisfaction with less work, isn’t that the better? I know the system will make you feel guilty for not trying enough, and even your loved ones will demand more from you. But what is the point of getting a fake ambition to get something you already have and be miserable about it?

I’m sure that most of you will feel quite different after reading this. No, this is by no means an attempt to discourage you from any plans. If you think getting somewhere is what would make you happy, then go for it. You have all the support in the world. I am talking to another crowd today. That crowd rarely gets any validation.  

You might not be such a person. You could be the most ambitious person in the world. Still, you must understand this fact. Sometimes you might meet such a person and treat them the same way, and you would like to get treated by others. You may think of it as you are being helpful, but you could be hurting that person unintentionally.  

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