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Creating an Alter Ego to Win Challenges.

Alter ego
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We have seen it in movies. The two personalities as Clarke Kent and Superman or Spiderman and peter parker. Even among real celebrities like Beyoncé adopting an alter ego in the name of Sasha Fierce or late Kobe Bryant seeing himself as a Black Mamba. Even among people we know, we can see some folks behave in a very different way when they are in different environments. But, there is a slight difference between that, and Beyoncé and Kobe. All these alter personalities are adopted by them to achieve different goals in their lives. To reach a level which they think that their normal personality might struggle.

For Beyoncé, she wanted to move from a church singer girl to a sexy superstar. She used her alter ego to reach that level. For Kobe, he saw some qualities in a Black Mamba, which he wanted to see in his life. In the movie Darkest Hour, Gary Oldman who portrayed Churchill asks a question just before going back to London to accept the prime ministership from the king. He looks at his collection of hats and asks what will make him look like a prime minister. It was noted that Sir Martin Luther King had perfect eyesight. Yet he decided to wear a pair of spectacles to improve his persona. 

These simple changes in one’s appearance might seem trivial for someone who is looking at it from the outside. Yet, for someone who believes in the true meaning of that change, a different like that could mean the world. Therefore what exactly can you do to get that quality out in you?

Identify the changes you would like to see in yourself.

We all have weaknesses that we would like to improve upon. Before utilizing any practice, it is paramount that you understand what you would like to see as a change in yourself. Whether you would like to be more confidant? More gritty or friendly and empathetic? Maybe you want to be more confidant when you speak in public. Identify those and write them down.

Make sure you stick to your plan throughout. You might have different changes that you want to see in your life. Unless you think you can manage them all at ones, pick the most important improvements and stick to them as a start.

Pick an alter ego.

Now you know what exactly you want to do. Pick a few people, animals, or even an object that portrays those qualities. Then narrow it down to a couple of traits that you can adopt effortlessly. Ones you get to that stage, it is just a matter of making sure that you stick to the plan. For example, when you make a speech, you might need to stay in a hyperactive, very loud state. Still, you might not prefer that to be your default. How can you switch in such instances?

Couple your ego with something materialistic.

For Churchill, it could have been his hats. Most players have different superstitions about the game. A lucky sock, the favorite cap, all these small things that they carry very dear to their heart represents a day where they were very successful. Every time they get on the field they want to be the same person as that day.

You can adopt the same behaver into your ego. It does not have to be very significant. As long as it makes sense to you, that is all that is needed.

When you carefully applied these practices, the benefits can be very significant. They might sound silly for some. You might have even made fun of someone for trying to maintain an alter ego. But given that the intentions are right, they can help you become the person you want to be in an easier way. You can call it a cheat or whatever you like. Most successful people do have these kinds of practices. That means there has to be something, right?

Take a moment to share your alter ego bellow. We might find some interesting ones.

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