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I Hate People, But I Wish I Had More Friends.

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Empowering the introverts, arguably the newest liberal movement. A timely necessity that went a notch too far. It is also at a level where an introverted trying to become more open to society is considered as a crime. In other terms, the idea is over validated to a point where even an ambivert would feel like becoming introverted and dare not call themselves extroverts. Because that would “harm the cause.” Due to this overuse of the subject, people have become so confused. Most don’t know what the terms itself actually means. As a result, people are struggling to understand what they really want and feel frustrated.

I know a few proud introverts. They don’t shy away to call themselves introverts, and they are happy that they are that way. And, amazingly, we have created a society where they can be themselves (at least in most cases). But among those friends, some people are more active to share their hatred towards “other people” than staying for themselves. If you look at their social media feed, you can say hundreds of memes about why batman works by himself, why people are toxic, and all other kinds of arguments that try to convince others to avoid people. In a way, they are more socially active than extroverts. Sometimes, they create movements gathering people to a common cause of hating public. Well, isn’t that the most extroverted thing someone can do? Influencing public opinion?

However, I am not concerned about the above type of people. They may have lost a bit in finding their true identity. But still, they do what they enjoy. Yet, there is another set who lost it all. Whatever the reason, they lost the touch with society for a couple of years. But when they try to get back on the action, they were pushed back to become someone who they are not. And now they think they too are introverts.

This is very harmful to them. They avoid people and interactions because the whole movement of “you don’t have to, and you should not.”. But deep inside they miss something badly. Humans are social animals. Therefore unless you are genuinely an introvert (which is totally fine), you need to have constant human interactions to make you feel satisfied, safe, and alive. When you take that out from yourself, there is no wonder you feel left out and frustrated.

If you someone who hates people for no reason, and also wish you had more close friends that probably might mean you need to think about your life choices again. This is by no means a call to convince yourselves to become someone you are not. in fact, this is precisely the opposite of it. This is a request for you to understand yourself more and try to bring out the best in you without giving in to the propaganda.

I don’t think it is important for me to explain all the pros of meaningful social interactions. I guess that is general knowledge. But in the coming articles, I will discuss a few things that you might miss out on if you try to become someone you are not.

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