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The Building Block Of Perseverance.

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Being able to persevere the hardships is arguably the most important aspect of success. It is what will matter the most in the long battles you face in life. All the talent and experience you gained over the years will not matter if you don’t have the talent to persevere through the hardships and see it through till the end. According to Stanford University, pursuance is one of the building blocks of a child’s early success. I won’t be spending too much time on the obvious. By now, it is universally agreed that perseverance plays one of the most vital roles in success.

What I will be paying attention to today will be the building block that enables our inner selves to grow grit.

 Just like any other talent, perseverance and grit can be developed. It is a trainable skill. According to Angela Duckworth, who is the author of the famous book Grit, there is a clear step by step process to improve your grit. It acts like a chain reaction. And the response sparks from a mind shift.

In her book, she identifies people with two mindsets. First, you find people with static-mindsets. They are the ones who are comfortable with the status quo. They prefer slow and steady growth with minimal disruptions and changes. The other kind comes with a more dynamic mindset. They believe in the progress and seek growth at a rate. They embrace change and favor disruptions that might speed up their growth.

This difference in mindset is the start of a chain reaction.

Static mindset

If you are someone who maintains a static mind, you may prefer things the same way as they are. Yet, change and disruption are inevitable. With a mindset that opposes the change, it starts to resist any form of adjustment as soon as it’s presented. As a result, you grow a pessimistic idea about any advancement. Whenever you are confronted with a challenge, you tend to look at it in a pessimistic way. As we know by now, the reason for this is your resistance to change. When you are pessimistic about something, you tend not to believe in its results. Meaning, you are not convinced that if you see it through, it might turn up good. This is what affects your ability to persevere the most. If you don’t believe something would work, you have no reason to endure all the hardships.

Growth Mindset

On the other hand, if you are someone who favors a growth mindset, you embrace change better. When you see an opportunity to grow, you don’t mind the changes that you need to endure. Since you prefer that particular change, it becomes your own problem. As a result, you begin to look at it more optimistically. You find meaning in the work you do and believe in a good result in your favor. This strong belief in success acts as the beacon that shows you the direction in hardships. It will help you endure and persevere to stay on the game.

Even though it is girt that matters the most. It is ideal to pay attention to the series of actions that trigger it in the first place. If you have a static mindset, you will see the changes and the results of the hard work in a pessimistic way. As a result, you are more likely to give up. When you have a growth mindset, you look at change with optimism. You believe in change and will be ready to endure the hardships to see the other side. Therefore, your mindset is the key to a long process that will make sure that you cross the bridges that need to be crossed.

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