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A Leader Needs No Introduction.

A Leader Needs No Introduction.

As you must know already, Duneekable Notions is a place where we talk about growth from the perspective of someone who is in the struggle together. For everyone who wishes to play the game the right way, a major challenge we all encounter is the inability to practice and showcase leadership.

For someone who is starting their career, it is not very common for them to become leaders in a traditional working environment. Apart from those uncommon exceptions, most of us start the ladder at the bottom, where we are led by others. Therefore, you feel like you do not get the chance to practice leadership nor showcase what you have. However, if you want to progress fast, the expectation is to showcase that you can perform as a leader.

It could be a hierarchical and traditional company or a progressive modern company. Either way, they both expect you to prove your leadership qualities before granting you the chance to truly be a leader.

I am sure you have thought about this paradox before. You are in a position where you have no authority to act as a leader, yet they all expect you to showcase it. It is kind of like expecting someone to swim on land.

Before discussing all the possibilities to face the challenge, let me say about that one way that does not work. If you wait till someone gifts you the opportunity, you may have to wait much longer than you would want it to be. And the longer you wait without letting your leader out, the lesser chances you would get. You do not want to dig that rabbit hole. Therefore, waiting till someone to get you the breakthrough for you is clearly out.

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Now, when I say that you do not get a chance to be a leader as you start, I did not mean that you have no way of becoming a leader. You may not have the title to lead a set of people. However, leadership is not a title, it is an attitude. If you are a true leader, there is no way you can hide that skill. There will be tons of opportunities coming your way, only if your mind is tuned to notice and grab those breaks.

What you got to do is rather quite simple. First, understand that you ought to showcase the leader within you. Then make sure that you are truly a good leader. (We will discuss what you can do to be a better leader on a different day.) Finally, grow some eagle eyes to spot those chances that wonder around you.

You do not need some wrested upon jurisdictions to be a leader. If you think that is the only way for you to be taken seriously by others, then you may need to re-look at your talent. True leaders do not want to be appointed. They emerge without effort. A leader could gather everyone around them to follow a common cause.

These little probabilities may not look critical as opposed to what you are expecting to become. Yet, these baby steps will continue to make you a better leader while getting you the spotlight you deserve.

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